1. Clark Centre for Leadership Development (CCLD): In view of the need for developing and equipping men and women to be effective leaders in the Church and society, Clark Centre for Leadership Development (CCLD) was established in 2008.It is a specific and deliberate process of developing Christian leaders (both church leaders and lay people) to have an impact in his/her respective profession by applying Christ-like leadership principles and skills. It is committed to developing the integrity and effectiveness in him/her through training on character, knowledge and skills. It is Christ-centred, discipleship based and mission focused.
CCLD is managed by the College in partnership with the Global LEAD Alliance International. It also functions in cooperation and support from the local churches and individuals who are interested in the Leadership development program. The targeted groups for leadership training are the Church leaders, lay people and theological students.

2. Clark Centre for Peace Research and Action (CCPRA): Christian, faith-based institutions are perceived as the most effective channels for promoting peace. In this light, CTC offers a credible neutral platform that is conducive for implementing a peace study centre. The College is uniquely positioned to initiate the CCPRA that will work directly with Churches theological seminaries, NGO’s, civil society, tribal and government bodies in Nagaland and in North East India. CTC seeks to respond to the conflict situation in the region and beyond by offering resources and building consciousness regarding Religion, Conflict and Peace-building, by educating a new generation of peace loving individuals, leaders, and communities.

3. Clark Communication and Cultural Research Centre (CCCRC): The CCCRC is a research Centre located within the Clark Theological College, Aolijen. The Centre was founded in November 25, 2014. The Centre is dedicated to carrying out interdisciplinary research on media, communication and culture.

4. Clark Centre for North East India Studies (CCNEIS): Clark Centre for North East India Studies (CCNEIS) at Clark Theological College was formally launched in the year 2019. Through this Centre, the Clark Theological College not only expands its horizons, but also takes up another bold and unique steps in the academic ministry of the College. The main objective of the Centre is to gather the needs of the academic communities of the world who are interested to do Research Documents on North East India.

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